What Critics Are Saying About Dave Keller's Music

"Keller proves himself a magnificent soul singer, his luxuriant voice bending notes and rising flawlessly to every occasion. Stellar, Mr. Keller.” 

- Tom Clarke, Elmore Magazine

4 Stars [Album: Every Soul's a Star]. Keller sings and plays guitar with personality, displays good craft and technique, and does lots of deep soul-plumbing. Yet his greatest asset might be a keen understanding of how his songs need to tell a gripping story. Ten tracks concerning the hard lessons learned from a failed relationship and the rebirth of love are of high communicative interest. Blockbuster: “Old Tricks,” with Dan Ferguson on organ.

- Frank John-Hadley, Downbeat Magazine

For music aficionados in the know, a new album by Dave Keller is a cause for celebration."

- David Bowling, Cashbox

This album [Every Soul's a Star] is amazing from the first note, and only gets better as it progresses through each incredible track...Boz Scaggs meets Al Green. You can’t go wrong with this one, as it should appeal to just about everyone’s musical tastes. Recommendation: You simply must get this one!” 

- Indie Voice Blog,

It appears that guitarist/vocalist Dave Keller didn’t just drink the Memphis Kool-Aid but that the New Englander cheerfully chugged it down. A goodly number of the originals here [on album, Every Soul's a Star] could have fit quite nicely somewhere on the classic Willie Mitchell-produced sides of the ‘70’s for artists such as Syl Johnson or Ann Peebles. And Mr. Keller’s pipes might have landed him his own feature as well. Four stars.

- Duane Verh, Roots Music Report

Dave Keller seems about to realize the lost dream and potential of the late Eddie Hinton...a highly expressive and inspired performance. Dave brings us again to the blessed time of southern soul that has not finished haunting its insatiable zealists.

- Patrick Dallongeville, Paris-Move, Blues Magazine, Illico & BluesBoarder (FRANCE)


Keller performs some excellent guitar solos here, and his first rate. The main attraction throughout, however, is Keller’s vocal work, which variously recalls Boz Scaggs, Otis Redding, and Buddy Miles. Keller’s lyrics are all about love and loss, and his singing underscores the emotion behind every word.” 


Dave Keller, is a white boy with blues who can write it, sing it and make it live. ” 

Dave Keller has played with some of the best of the genre, and it is paying dividends in his performance. But with Keller it’s not about his resume. It’s about his excellent vibe and his spirited songwriting, which may remind listeners of somewhat more established soul blues musicians like Eric Lindell and Peter Karp. His work evidences a deep love for Southern soul and blues, and he is known for passionate performances.” 

- Bill Wilcox,

Keller has carved out a following among blues aficionados with his songwriting, mastery on the Stratocaster and his deep soulful vocals. A definite star on the rise.” 

- Bob Sylvestri, Best of Western NY

...powerful soulmatic vocals, impressively flamboyant guitar play, great melodies that will never leave anyone indifferent... his latest album [Every Soul's a Star] is indeed special...simply not to be ignored.” 

Soundguardian (CROATIA)

If you feel a little sad and unmotivated, Every Soul's a Star is the album for you. Humanist and believer, especially in love and kindness, Keller warms even the coldest hearts.” 

-  Marion Braun, Blues Again! (FRANCE)

"...moving and powerful...confirms his rightful place in the soul universe...Steve Cropper-like riffs and soaring vocals...songwriting genius...[Keller] navigates the ups and downs of the brokenness of relationships, the separation that society often fosters, the loneliness that grows out of fragmented lives, and the ragged redemption of love.  He's backed by a first-rate band that lives and breathes soul music.  Every Soul's a Star shines brightly with its infectious rhythms, its ingenious songwriting and its straight-to-the-heart soul." 

- Henry L. Carrigan, Jr., Living Blues

"...a terrific soul album [Every Soul's a Star]” 

- Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine: 8/10 stars

A better label debut cannot be desired by an artist!


...superbly soulful...original, superb and well-crafted songs, superb backing band and with Dave possessing a truly soulful voice with his subtle guitar lines being a masterclass of restraint. It is music at its most beautiful and will raise the goose bumps on you in double quick time. Dave’s voice is a marvel of subtlety and absolutely stunning album of beautiful music from an A+ class soul singer and band. It must be due to be a break out album [Every Soul's a Star] for both artist and label."

- Mike Stephenson, Blues and Rhythm (UNITED KINGDOM)


"...the nearest ‘mainstream’ analogy would be Robert Cray but Keller has a little more sting and grit to his delivery...think of a bluesier, electrified Temptations. This is a very powerful album [Every Soul's a Star] and if you like deep and meaningful soul, you’ll love this album."


TOP 13 BEST BLUES SINGERS: Keller caught a big break half a dozen or so years ago when the revered guitarist Ronnie Earl had the singer guest on his Living in the Light album, which brought Keller’s soulful blues voice to a whole new audience. Keller, who is also a stellar guitarist, sometimes brings to mind another singer on our list, Jimmy Hall."

- Kevin Wierzbicki,

With several prestigious achievements and award nominations already under his belt, I have a feeling that - like his good friend, mentor and frequent bandmate, Johnny Rawls - Dave Keller could easily become a perennial "Soul Blues" nominee as well.  Since he's no longer New England's best-kept secret, as long as he keeps putting out releases of this caliber, the name Dave Keller merits being alongside the likes of Johnny Rawls, Wee Willie Walker, Curtis Salgado, Tad Robinson, et al.

- Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro,


Don't Let Them Take Your Joy" [off of album, Every Soul's a Star]  opens the record on a lean, mean foot. The Rays come out with a swagger, horns blaring like an old cop show theme song, and Keller coaxes some truly filthy notes out of his Stratocaster.

Chris Farnsworth, Seven Days

Dave Keller has been a favorite of ours ever since being tabbed to sing on Ronnie Earl’s “Living In The Light” album. He’s a tremendous soul-blues singer, guitarist, and composer, and counts among his mentors Johnny Rawls, Mighty Sam McClain, and Robert Ward. Dave’s debut for Catfood Records, “Every Soul’s A Star,” produced by Jim Gaines [features] ten originals and one cover that share Dave’s belief that there is good and beauty in every one of us, and that we all, as a society, must stand together to conquer hate. Dave Keller composed some powerful, moving material for “Every Soul’s A Star,” and the Rays got on board with the project and brought it all to life behind Dave’s mighty vocals and guitar. Dave proves once again that in the end, love always wins out!.


Titled: "You Get What You Give: Duets" 

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