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Blues Music Award nominee for
Best Soul Blues Album

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"A magnificent soul singer"

Elmore Magazine

"Moving and powerful...Steve Cropper-like riffs and soaring vocals...songwriting genius...
straight-to-the-heart soul."

Living Blues

“I really like what you do.”

Taj Mahal




Watch Dave play at Higher Ground in South Burlington with Christone "Kingfish" Ingram



During the past decade, Dave Keller has earned a reputation as a “magnificent soul singer” (Elmore Magazine), a “stellar” guitarist (, and a “songwriting genius” (Living Blues). He has been honored three times with Blues Music Award nominations for Best Soul Blues Album. Touring throughout the U.S. and Europe, Keller has built a loyal legion of fans who are hip to his livewire shows.


Now, with the release of his newest album, Keller is turning things up a few notches. “I really wanted to capture the energy of the band,” Keller explains. “In a studio, with the clock running and it being expensive, there’s always this tendency to want to play everything perfectly. It can feel sterile too. So I thought, what if we find a cool place that’s not a studio, and just play everything in one room, live, without headphones and all that other stuff?”


So Keller and his bandmates headed to a remote mountain cabin, ten miles south of the Canadian border. Huck Bennert, longtime engineer for legendary guitarist Ronnie Earl, showed up with a Suburu full of recording gear. And for the better part of a week, the band holed up, hung out, shared meals, played pool, and made a different kind of record.


Keller's voice cuts deep, right out of the gate. “When you record vocals live with the band, you don't have time to think about it,” Keller says. “You're just in it. And that makes all the difference.”


He plays more guitar, and it’s nastier. “I really let loose, and the guys did too.” Listen to Ira Friedman’s Moog synth, as it threatens to overtake a few of the songs, grinding and burbling like an alien monster. Check out how Jay Gleason’s double kick pedal propels things along with extra oomph and funk. And if you wanna dance, don’t worry; groovemaster Alex Budney has created some beautiful basslines for you.


The band plays with a power and grace that come from years of hanging, traveling, and playing together. Twelve new originals with that classic Keller feel: tight and funky, with a depth of feeling that lasts long past the fadeout. But there’s something more this time. Not sure what to call it. But let’s just say, you won’t forget it.

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